WallsMedia Player Properties

This dialog used for set options of wallpaper player window size, position and other.

How to call Dialog:

Click left mouse button on taskbar icon  

Press Toolbar button    on player Control ToolBar Panel.

WallMedia Player Properties Dialog window show below.


Full Screen


Size WallPapers

Flash Files Play List

Gallery List

Change at Startup

Play List Options

5    Timer(min.)



Random Change

Change by Timer



Show Contol ToolBar

Show Flash ToolBar

Show Flash Wallpapers

Transparent Wallpapers

Play Flash animation



Dialog Control Description

     Apply changes and exit from dialog.

     Exit from dialog without apply changes.

     Add external file or Gallery to list

     Delete external file or Gallery from list

      Set Selection(check's) for all files in list

     Clear Selection(check's) for all files in list

     Exit from player


 Show Contol ToolBar      -    Show WallsMedia Flash Player Control ToolBar

 Show Flash ToolBar        -    Show Flash ToolBar that switch files (flash1.swf ... flash5.swf).

 Show Flash Wallpapers    -    Show Flash Wallpapers on Desktop.

 Transparent Wallpapers    -    Online/Offline flash mouse events

 Play flash animation           -    Stop/Play flash animation

Size Wallpapers

  Full Screen       -    Set player window as full desktop

  Large               -    Set player size window as 80% of desktop

  Medium            -    Set player size window as 60% of desktop

  Small                -    Set player size window as 40% of desktop

  Smallest             -    Set player size window as 20% of desktop

 -     Change vertical and horizontal position of player window.

Player List Options

 Change at Startup   -  Change wallpapers after program start

  Random Change     - Change wallpapers in random sequence

  Change by Timer     -  Change wallpapers after time delay


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